founding thoughts

Past Present Future

The Industrial revolution is over. The factories now migrated east. The public school system remained. The dot com boom arrived, and so to the need for independent & autonomous thinkers. The school system continued to stagnate. Boom turned to bust and a financial crisis came and went. Public schooling diverged further from the Three R's as the pendulum of indoctrination swung severely to the left. 

A child commencing kindy in 2020 will likely arrive into the world in 2033 completely underequipped for the reality before them. The massive changes taking place over the next 10 years are set to transform the world. To see success they will need to be creative, adaptable and stand out from their peers.


Prediction: 60% of jobs in 2030 have yet to be created

                    30% of jobs in 2030 will be done by AI

Pavlov's Dog

At a playgroup one time I was horrified when the facilitator blew a whistle and expected all children to sit down, sit still, and be quiet. I was happy for my four-year-old to continue contently investigating whatever he had deemed important enough to spend his time on. But the coordinator continued to blow that whistle and continued to expect a response. And at the end of the playgroup I was mortified when all children were required to stand in a  straight line to duly receive a marshmallow and a tiny teddy before they went home.

I wonder…  what if I don't want my child to respond hastily to a whistle or line up for sugar and salivate on demand?

choose your own adventure

"The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one"     Elbert Hubbard